Easily Deploying Digital Kiosks through A Turnkey Solution

Project Background
When Woodside Square planned to renovate the mall, upgrading indoor directory kiosks was one of the main goals. We provided an end-to-end turnkey solution to the landlord to deploy four double-sided non-touch digital kiosks.

Service Offerings

  • Kiosk Design & Fabrication
  • Directory map development
  • Software development and system integration
  • Software training
  • Transportation
  • Installation

About the Project
The double-sided kiosk was set to display the indoor directory map on one side and to play the advertisement on the other side, so we included not only the kiosk design & fabrication and the map development, but the development, setup, fine-tuning and user training of the kiosk management software as well in the turnkey solution.

Basing on the floor map and the discussions about the store unit categorization, our designer finished the directory map for this two-floor building in one week. And after the hard work of our software development team, the client can finally enjoy the convenience of remote map upgrade and advertising content management. Through the management software, with a few clicks, the administrator can edit the stores’ name on the map when there are new stores moving in and update the advertisement timely and easily. No more constant overhead cost of printing new map and banners and the daily labor of swapping them out will be needed.

Apart from the high management efficiency, most importantly, the digital kiosks will greatly enhance consumers in-mall shopping experience, while creating new revenue stream for the landlord through advertising additional products and services!

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