Ontario Sign Permit Code Updated: Winter 2019

The federal government has made changes to several to the regulations regarding exterior signs. “A plastic sign, face or group of contiguous plastic sign faces may be placed over exterior cladding of a wall provided that each such sign face or group of contiguous sign faces:
(a) does not exceed 30% of the wall area of the storey on which it is installed,
(b) does not exceed 15 m² area or 1,200 mm in height at each storey, and
(c) when located above the first storey, is vertically separated from other plastic sign faces by 1,200 mm of non-combustible construction unless separated by a horizontal non-combustible projection such as a canopy, extending the full width of, and projecting at least 900 mm beyond the exterior sign face.”

The exception to the above regulation is if the plastic exterior sign is “mounted as a face on a metal sign box that is at least 200 mm in depth” provided that the sign box is mounted on a non-combustible exterior wall.”

If you have further questions about the new Ontario Sign Permit Code, you can request a consultation with our Permits Department by going to our website

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More and more businesses are adopting metal cladding to upgrade their brand experience. Maybe it is time for you to take action as well!

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