Three Reasons for Upgrading Brand Experience with Metal Cladding

“How do I make my brand stand out among my competitors?” This question should be considered by every business owner. As a seasoned signage solution provider, we noticed that metal cladding is becoming more and more popular as a design feature for retail buildings, inside and out. We think there are three key advantages of metal cladding you should know.

  1. Aesthetics. Metal is tough, but it is also malleable and, with recent developments in processing technology, it now comes in a variety of colors and textures. This means you can have more flexibility in your store design.
    We recently finished a mirror polish stainless ceiling project for a world-famous Japanese fast-fashion brand at the Eaton Centre. You should check it out when you visit the Eaton Centre Expansion. The visual effect is just amazing!
  2. Easy to install and low maintenance. Metal cladding is light and, thanks to a new installation process, it is very easy to install. At the same time, it has a high resistance to harsh weather conditions, which means you can clean it easily.
  3. Environment friendly. As a material, metal is highly recyclable. More than 60% of surface sheets are recyclable.

Apart from the glorious store we did for the Japanese brand in GTA, in recent months, we also accomplished metal cladding projects for a Paris–based French multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores in Calgary, Alberta and the largest exclusive made-to-measure apparel company in the world in Montreal, Quebec.

More and more businesses are adopting metal cladding to upgrade their brand experience. Maybe it is time for you to take action as well!

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